Stemming the plague

The Valley

The Valley hides a secret, is the world ready for it?

The sun crested the eastern wall of sheer cliffs that created the secluded valley Kada and her companions were set on exploring. The legends said that the vast valley is all that remains of an ancient volcano that ravaged the land for hundreds of miles when it erupted. As a result, the land became extremely fertile and over the years vast forests rose in the wake of the destruction. Eventually the inhabitants of neighboring lands migrated to the empty forest and soiled the virgin lands. War ravaged the lands, as happens when people of different races refuse to co-exist as neighbors. Trees were chopped down, trenches scarred the land and flowers drowned in blood. The forest that had risen from the ashes of devastating destruction was once again laid to waste. All except the Valley. It was untouched by the years of bloodshed. Still pure because of a mysterious force that held at bay all attempts to march armies into the lush valley.

That is why they were here, to find out what secrets the valley hid. Although Kada was no longer in the body her mother had given to her, she was still a Kender, even if people called her a Halfling. Kenders being curious by nature, how could Kada have passed up such a grand adventure after hearing it from a tavern bard? Nathan had seen the valley referenced in his magical studies and thought that perhaps one of the lost towers of The Arch-Magi was hidden there somewhere, so when Kada told everyone where she wanted to go he eagerly supported her. Ishan could not let the thieving Halfling out of his sight, even if it was into a Valley in which no one lived. When he realized he couldn’t convince Kada, backed firmly by Nathan who said “With no one else around, you can keep both of those Paladin eyes on roaming hands”, he vowed to protect them on their pointless journey. Dave, Dave drained another ale and slapped the bar maid on the rump as she passed, letting her know he wanted another.

With that their path was set. To the Valley they would go to uncover secrets long buried, whether they wanted to learn those secrets or not…



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