Stemming the plague

The Tower of Monotony

Meanwhile, Back in the Valley

The sun blazed overhead as Nathan stood on top of the tower leaning on his staff, looking down over the edge. A small city was beginning to grow around the tower. All the villages that had been put to the torch by The Warlord had been abandoned by the villagers who had once lived in them. They felt safe living in large numbers after the Orcs had made easy work of what little defenses the individual towns could muster. So, they stayed together even after the threat was dealt with by the ragtag adventurers.

“Ragtag adventurers no more” Nathan mused. They had acquired many wondrous since coming to this item rich valley. Nathan eased his weight off the magic staff and held in both hands tracing his fingers over the arcane words of power carved down the shaft like water flowing away from the glowing orb that was set atop it. The orb was blinding to stare at for any length of time. Since the Orcs had been dealt with and Kada went adventuring by herself things have been incredibly dull. With no one in need of resurrecting the orb has had plenty off time to charge. Nathan sighed, how had staying behind sounded like a good idea? He set the staff back down, leaning back onto with a gentle easing of his weight. he wasn’t afraid of breaking it, he just thought that it deserved to be treated with some respect and dignity, it is a powerful magic item, the key to unlocking the power of the tower, if it wasn’t so comfortable to lean on he was sure he wouldn’t. Pretty sure.

Nathan watched the humans moving about doing some task or another. The particulars about what they were doing was not worth knowing, but he watched them anyways focusing on nothing in specific. His eyes wondered from the people building the wall around town to the women washing pots and clothes in the stream, the stream Nathan and companions had made for the people by digging a trench then lining it with metal to keep the water clean. He followed the path of the stream, watching the soapy residue from the wash work float downstream. The bubbles thinned and by the time they reached the bend in the stream there were none to be seen. Shortly after the bend there were children scooping up buckets of water to bring to the men hard at work building the wall and other buildings. Nathan shook his head. “Children running around giving the adults a round of the runs.” He chuckled, but his mirth was short lived. Sighing he turned from the edge of the tower and lazily made his way to the center. As he approached he studied the ancient runes carved into a circle at the center. A teleportation circle. He stopped. Everyday he studied this circle, just like he studied the other ruins around he found around the tower. Why did a tower, capable of such great wonders have a teleportation circle that could only teleport creatures from the top floor to the roof and back. A stair case or a ladder could do that. Once again coming to no conclusions he stepped into the intricately carved circle. Time to save the people from the great new threat…diarrhea. “Best stop it before we are all balls deep” Chuckling at his own joke he descended into the tower.



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