Stemming the plague

Bad Wizard? Many Dragons?

  • Stone “wolves” kill members of party
  • Meet lone fighter traveling through the woods
  • Find Tower cover with spikes, bodies impaled on spikes, including party members
  • tower reeks of death(fort saves)
  • dead bodies in tower, labs in tower, caged animals. cages ripped open animals dead
  • wizard in wared room, mostly monster, tried holding of plague with potions(fail),attacks
  • upon death stone wolves and tower are destroyed, find gaping hole under tower
  • return to town, town being destroyed by infected people (from blood in dungeon)
  • uber blob from under burning mansion is lead to river where it is killed
  • find white dragon cave under water fall, find out from big white that something wrong at IO town
  • on way to IO town find hole in town where saved boy from monsters, town empty
  • at IO town green on rack, wings torn off. Two Blues have moved in cuz Red dead.
  • Party takes on Blues, secon tries to escape but felled by crit from gnome



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